Shop by Importer to Choose the Wine You Really Like

When it comes to wine, most people have a favorite grape variety or bottle, and it can be scary to stray from what you know. If you want to expand but are afraid to spend money on something you don’t like, consider buying from an importer.

As Bon Apetit explains in the link below, all importers have their favorite styles and flavors, and if you like one bottle they brought to the country, chances are you can trust them to choose others you like:

Each importer has their preferred wine styles that they like (they are just like us!) And they choose for themselves, be they French wines, red wines or natural wines. If you see the same names popping up, you know that their preferred style of wine is your style too – lately for me these have been tart red Loire blends from importer Goatboy Selections (I miss Brendan Tracy’s wines.)

Just search for “imported” on the label of your favorite wines and ask your friendly wine seller if they have other wines from the same importer. This allows you to sample new styles and varieties of grapes under the guidance of someone you can trust.

One Tip That Will Change The Way You Buy Wine | Bon appetit


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