Develop Objective Confidence to Avoid the Trap of Selfishness

Self-confidence is essential to your success. Selfish bragging isn’t true. If you want to be confident but are worried about becoming selfish, focus on objectivity.

As the business site Entrepreneur explains, confidence is almost always something you can build on. If you know what skills you have, you can be confident in them without fear, because you know what they are. Ego arises when you start to think of yourself higher than your skills can support. If you want to tell the difference, just be objective:

“There is a clear distinction between real confidence and selfishness,” Holiday said. It is important to believe in yourself and be confident in yourself. But real confidence is based on an objective view of your strengths and abilities.

Assessing your competence is different from arrogance or cockiness. “When you let your ego take over, you are embracing dangerous delusions that can cause you to act recklessly,” Holiday said. “The ego has been stolen, but the trust is earned.”

If you are unsure of your skills, ask for an outside opinion. Find a friend or colleague who honestly evaluates your talents. Then heed their advice. You can also look at the external criteria for your success. Your career or accomplishments speaks volumes about your skills, so don’t ignore them. It’s okay to be humble, but denying reality is not humility, it’s just denial.

5 Tricks To Stop Your Ego From Overwhelming Your Success | Businessman


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