Muscle Rings Build Strength Without a Gym

If you are a fan of bodyweight workouts, you will definitely love muscle rings. Similar to suspension machines like the TRX , muscle rings are versatile, portable, and more importantly, allow you to get an intense upper body workout anywhere you go.

Muscle rings , also called gymnastics or Olympic rings, are two long straps with giant rings at each end. Like suspension machines, you can mount them from any high attachment point, such as a bar or a tree branch. Each ring moves independently and can also be set at different heights for challenging workouts.

Because they are also used by gymnasts, muscle rings are great for emphasizing upper body strength, but they are a little more limited in lower body exercises and not as beginner friendly as suspension machines. If you already own something like TRX, there isn’t much reason to get muscle rings unless you want to work on gym-specific movements.

Why You Should Use Muscle Rings For Your Workout | Rhythmic gymnastics


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