Use the Amazon Dash Button to Restart or Shutdown Your Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi doesn’t have a power button, but DIYer Zach from Howchoo figured out how to use the Amazon Dash button to reboot or properly shutdown the Pi.

The $ 5 Amazon Dash Button is a surprisingly small device that can be hacked . To that end, you can make it work as a restart / shutdown button for your Pi in just a few steps. First you need to install Node.js on your Pi, then configure the Dash button, and finally create a script on the Pi that tells it to restart or shut down. This won’t work as a means to turn the Pi back on, but at least it’s an easy way to properly turn it off. Visit Howchoo for a complete guide.

Restart or Shutdown Raspberry Pi Using Amazon Dash Button | Howchoo via Hackaday


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