These Are the Highest Paying College Majors.

College is supposed to be an investment, but the return on that investment may take longer than you think, depending on your earning potential. According to Glassdoor, these are some of the highest paying college majors.

The site analyzed nearly 500,000 resumes and salary reports to determine which majors pay the most in the first five years after graduation. They explain their methodology:

To qualify for a specialty, Glassdoor must have at least 400 different CVs as of 03/10/2016, in which the applicant and / or employee indicated that they graduated from college in the relevant specialty. To determine the average base salary for each specialty, career data, including job titles, during the first five years after graduation were analyzed with corresponding salary data provided by Glassdoor employees. To determine the ranking, specialties were then sorted by their respective average basic wages during the first five years after graduation from college or university.

Here is a list of their top ten earning majors, as well as their average base salary.

  1. Computer Science: $ 70,000
  2. Electrical: $ 68,438
  3. Mechanical engineering: $ 68,000
  4. Chemical Engineering: $ 65,000
  5. Industrial Engineering: $ 64,381
  6. Information Technology: $ 64,008
  7. Civil Engineering: $ 61,500
  8. Statistics: $ 60,000
  9. Nursing: $ 58,928
  10. Management Information Systems: $ 58,000

Glassdoor’s list includes a total of 50 specialties, so you’ll want to check out the full post at the link below. Top 50 Highest Paid College Majors | Glass door


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