Use the Leftover Soup by Turning It Into a Sauce

If you’re tired of eating that huge batch of soup you’ve made, or just aren’t sure what to do with your last dredges, grab a blender. You can turn it into a sauce that can be used with a variety of other dishes.

Sarah Britton of My New Roots shared on her Instagram a clever tip for using leftover soup: mix it up and use it as a sauce. You will need a powerful blender or food processor, but other than that, all you need to worry about is seasoning the soup sauce to taste. And if you’re working with a thinner soup to start with, you may need to thicken it. Combine a thickener like boiled potatoes, cornstarch, russeted flour, or even white beans and you’re good to go. You now have a beautiful sauce to use with grains, vegetables, chicken, or fish.

Soup Sauce | Instagram via Food52


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