Top Downloads This Week

Every week we share the number of downloads for all platforms to help you get started. Here are the top downloads this week.

How to get Google Assistant on any Android Nougat phone

Google Assistant, the new smart interactive virtual assistant , is unfortunately only officially available for their new Pixel phones . With a little tweaking, though, you can get it – and all of the Assistant’s powerful search and chat features – on any phone running Android Nougat. Here’s how.

Android N-ify update brings Google Assistant to Marshmallow devices

Officially, if you want the new Google Assistant , you need to buy a Pixel phone . It is unofficially enabled on any device with Nougat . The Android N-ify Xposed module can now be used even on older Marshmallow devices.

Trail Bend Desktop

Reader Spencer put together this custom desktop on his Mac with just the widgets and tools he wanted to see. The wallpaper is one of his own photos, but the rest are easy to get yourself if you want a similar look.

AccessURL allows you to share your online accounts while keeping your password safe

Chrome: Maybe you’re working with someone who needs access to your accounts, or maybe you just want to share your Netflix with someone. Whatever the reason, if you want to share your online accounts without giving your password, AccessURL allows you to do so.

Stash is a bookmarking tool with automatic organization, reminders, and more.

Internet / Android / iPhone: Bookmarking services like Pocket and Instapaper are great , but one thing they don’t work a bit is organization. Stash is a service that solves this problem by automatically organizing saved sites for you.

Find free Wi-Fi at the airport using this interactive map

iOS / Android / Internet: Airport Wi-Fi isn’t always easy. Depending on the airport and terminal, it can be difficult for you to find a decent place to access the Internet. This interactive map can help – it locates free Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi passwords at airports around the world.

Dropbox for iPhone can now sign PDFs, easily share files in messages, and more

iOS: Dropbox has updated its iOS app with several new features, including a handy new PDF signature feature, the iMessages app, and more.

MiniPlay controls Spotify or iTunes from a small window or action center

Mac: If you use iTunes or Spotify to listen to music on your Mac, you know the little controller is a handy utility. MiniPlay is one of the more attractive options, it can work as a standalone window or from the Action Center.

Instagram gets its own universal Windows app for PCs and tablets

Windows: The new Microsoft Universal Apps platform may seem a little forgotten at times, but Instagram is giving it some love today. You can now download Instagram for any Windows device.

Create your own retro iOS games with LowRes Coder

iOS: LowRes Coder is a fun app that lets you create low-res pixel games reminiscent of your favorite arcade games of the past. It uses the classic BASIC programming language to bring your games to life.


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