DIYer Ben Heck Shows How to Create Tons of Electronic Halloween Projects

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you want to create your own costume, Ben Heck and his team take on a superhero costume and, in turn, demonstrate how to complete a ton of different costume-related projects.

The project uses a ton of wearable technologies, including adding sound effects, accelerometers, a suite of sensors, and then stitching everything into a suit. Obviously, you probably don’t want to tackle all of these projects or recreate them exactly, but as we get closer to Halloween, this should provide a little inspiration, if nothing else. This is a two-part episode, the first part is about electronics, and the second part is about assembling the costume itself.

Halloween superhero wearables from Ben Heck. Part 1: Development |Ben Heck’s Halloween Superhero Wearables on YouTubePart 2: Build | Youtube


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