Your Laundry Is Surprisingly Dirty

Certain places in your home, such as your bathroom or kitchen sink , are obvious places for bacteria to accumulate. However, your laundry is another surprisingly bacteria-infested place.

As Prevention points out, there are several reasons your laundry might be dirtier than you think. First, there are bacteria:

Bacteria thrive in humid areas, so take off your clothes within 30 minutes after completing a cycle; if they sit for an hour, wash the load. But won’t the freshly washed clothes be free of germs, you wonder? Not necessarily, says Charles Gerba, Ph.D., professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona. Many people these days try to save energy and money by washing their face with cold water, but harmful bacteria can easily survive in it….

Mold spores can also grow inside the washing machine, so they recommend leaving the door open to ventilate the machine after this is done. Front-loading machines also have rubber seals to seal in water, and this can be another place for mold to accumulate, so you need to wipe it down from time to time. To learn more about how to keep your laundry clean, navigate to their full post at the link below.

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