Think Like-and-Like to Package and Send Cookies That Will Survive the Trip

Sending homemade cookies is always a welcome email, but delivering baked goods can be a little tricky. Luckily, Cook’s Illustrated has four tips to help you make sure your cookies and cakes arrive in their best shape (and taste) to their intended recipient.

Click the link below to read all four sweet tips, but aside from choosing stronger products to start with, the best thing you can do to preserve the flavor and integrity of your cookie is to pack like with like. As Cook’s Illustrated points out, moist foods like brownies can make treats crunchier, while strong spiced pastries can add flavor to their neighbors. To prevent this, simply separate competing flavors and textures with cling film or zip bags, then make sure everyone keeps them together with enough padding ( tortillas work well for this ). Your treats will be delivered in top-notch shape, ready for immense delight.

Keeping cookies in the shape of a ship | Illustrated chef


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