Google News Will Start Highlighting Fact-Checking Stories in Results

When the news constantly bombards you with statements and statements that you cannot verify, fact- checking becomes extremely important . To this end, Google will now publish fact-checking articles in Google News results.

As Google explains, fact-checking stories are a category tag that the search engine uses much like “Opinion” or “Detail” to help you determine what type of article you are viewing. Google itself does not verify the claims it contains, and does not select specific news outlets (although the company says that any news outlet that wants to be hosted here must use special markup for fact-checking ).

Ideally, this will help readers spot misinformation and get accurate sources for complex stories. As we get closer to election day, it becomes more difficult to deal with each new story and statement that comes up, so that helps. When you’re done keeping an eye on the news, Google will also help you find a polling spot and what is on the ballot in your area.

Fact-checking article tagging in Google News | Google


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