Save Your Old Phone Number by Transferring It to Google Voice

If you have a new phone number but don’t want to give up on your old one, How-To Geek offers a smart solution: transfer your old one to Google Voice and keep both.

Perhaps you changed your carrier and got a new number, or maybe you moved across the country and want to keep your old number as well as the new one. Either way, you can transfer that old number to Google Voice and leave both. Calls to your old number will be forwarded to your new one. You can also tell Google Voice to forward text messages to your new phone number. When you answer, it looks like you are sending a text message from your Google Voice number.

Google charges a one-time fee of $ 20 to port your old number and of course this number must be active. In other words, you need to migrate before you actually change your number.

How-To Geek offers a step-by-step guide to the process. In short, you go to and agree to the terms. From there you should see the message “I want to use my mobile number”. Otherwise, go to Settings> Phones> Change / Port.

From there, enter the number you want to transfer, then confirm that number. (Google will call you for confirmation). From there, you pay $ 20 and once your payment is complete, you’re done.

Google will also show you how to connect the new number to your Voice account when you’re ready to start forwarding. A complete list of instructions can be found in the full How-To Geek post below.

How (and why) to transfer your old phone number to Google Voice | How-To Geek


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