Rest of the Day: Yahoo Makes It Difficult to Leave by Turning Off Email Forwarding

Yahoo recently disabled a feature that would make it easier to log out of your Yahoo email account. You may have planned to forward all incoming messages to a new address, which is common with most email providers. Unfortunately, Yahoo does not offer this feature at this time.

  • Do you like to work? Do you like Facebook? What if there was a way to use Facebook purely for work? Good news, my friend. Facebook has just launched its enterprise platform for collaborative work called the Workplace . It’s very similar to the Facebook interface you’re already familiar with, filled with only your peers and TPS reports. Since this is an enterprise product, it is chargeable. [Facebook via The Next Web ]
  • Samsung’s new ArtPC Pulse , a cylindrical PC with a built-in “360-degree omnidirectional speaker”, looks great. I think? I would never buy it, but I love that it exists, just like the similar Mac Pro. [Gizmodo]


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