Quickly Clean Your Car’s Vents With a Foam Paint Brush

Machine vents can become quite dusty over time, but getting between these narrow slots makes them difficult to clean with a rag. If you need extra coverage, you can get a reusable tool that takes care of the job for about $ 1.

In this video, with different tips-oriented car yutuber DeyvHaks divided clever trick to access all the nooks and cracks the vents of your car. All you need is a foam brush. It will slip into the vents without issue and trap all dust and debris with its porous foam as you walk. When you’re done, just rinse it off and use it later. They’re very cheap – you can order them in packages online or find them at the dollar store – and they’re even small enough to store in a glove box. Stop blowing dust in your face and clean these vents.

5 Great Tips for Car Life | Youtube


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