Why Adults Should Learn Cart Wheels and How to Do It Again

For many of us, cart wheels are a relic of childhood. This is unfortunate because it is a lot of fun and a great way to improve our coordination, strength and flexibility. Here’s how you can roll and tumble again like a wagon wheel pro.

Now that we are heavier, we need very strong and flexible wrists, hips and torso to be able to support ourselves throughout the entire wheel of the cart. We also need to re-learn how to use them all together so that the movements are fluid and graceful.

Another and perhaps more serious thing holding us back is fear. To drive the wheel successfully, you have to devote yourself to it and practice, practice, practice. The first exercise (in the linked article below) will help you overcome this fear by teaching you how to move upside down and coordinating your arms and legs. Once you are comfortable with this, you can move on to the next two sequences, which should help you spin the wheel in a straight line.

If you find it difficult, this can help relax tight hips , wrists, and torso. The full article also goes into these areas in detail, as well as discusses some of the more advanced, bizarre variations you can move on to after successfully nailing the cart wheel.

And here I am again trying to drive through the wheel, as if forever:

Not perfect, but it was still fun.

Cartwheel Tutorial: Make Your Body Move Like a Child Again | GMB Fitness


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