Luke Cage Playlist

Netflix Marvel’s latest Luke Cage show has just dropped and is already a hit . Among the many reasons it received praise is the killer soundtrack. Very mild spoilers follow.

Music is woven into the heart of Luke Cage. Each episode’s title is a reference to a track from East Coast hip-hop duo Gang Starr . Several episodes include stage performances intertwined with the episodes themselves, featuring legendary talents such as funk / soul performer Charles Bradley and R&B musician Rafael Saadik .

However, one of the musical highlights is the moment Luke Cage meets a Wu-Tang clan member , Method Man (yes, the real one) at the store, preventing a robbery. After that Method Man dedicates his new single Bulletproof Love to Luke. This track begins with the playlist below, created by Marvel itself and imbued with the musical flair that gives Luke Cage an artistic heart at the heart of the show.

Welcome to our series offeatured playlists . Every week we’ll be sharing a new themed playlist built in for your convenience! You can copy the list of tracks to your service or listen right here. Do you have your own playlist? Share with us in the comments below!


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