Habitify for IPhone and Mac Tracks Your Habits, Has Customizable Reminders and Donates Money to Charities

iOS / Mac: You have many great options for keeping track of your habits , but Habitify is one of the first we’ve seen that not only looks good but also includes a charitable donation when you do well.

As an app, Habitify performs all the key tasks of tracking habits. It includes apps for iOS, Mac, and Apple Watch, has customizable reminders, includes options to track multiple habits and routines on different days of the week, and even throws in motivational quotes if you need them. In the free app, you’re limited to three habits, but you can unlock an unlimited amount for $ 3.99. By noticing these habits after completing them, you earn points. For every 500 points you earn, Habitify donates 5 cents tocharity: water , clean drinking water.

Habitify (free)


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