Here Is a Large List of Specific MacOS Sierra Questions You Can Ask Siri.

Siri – it’s a great new feature in macOS Sierra, and although you can ask her about everything, about what you can ask on iOS, in her there are a few tricks of its own. OS X Daily has compiled a list of some of them.

Siri can do anything like change system preferences, open apps, check storage in iCloud, and more. Here’s what OS X Daily has put together, although some of them are duplicated on iOS as well:

  • Put my computer to sleep
  • Activate the screen saver
  • Make your screen brighter
  • Make your screen brighter
  • Is bluetooth enabled?
  • Turn Bluetooth off / on
  • Decrease volume
  • Increase the volume
  • Show me privacy settings
  • Show location settings
  • Show me network settings
  • What is my desktop wallpaper
  • I forgot my iTunes password
  • How fast is my Mac?
  • How much memory does my Mac have?
  • How much free disk space is available?
  • What’s my Mac serial number?
  • What OS version is it?
  • How much iCloud storage do I have?
  • Open mail application
  • Open Safari
  • Open messages
  • Go to
  • Open a web page (site name or site url)
  • Send message (name) speaking (message)
  • Open the Documents folder.
  • Open your images folder
  • Show me the files called “screenshot”
  • Show me the files from yesterday
  • Show me the image files from last week
  • Show me documents from two days ago
  • Show me what I was working on yesterday
  • Show me my music
  • Play (Song Title) in iTunes
  • What song is playing?
  • Skip this song
  • Remind me to call (name) in 20 minutes
  • Show me pictures from last October
  • Show me my pictures from Hawaii

Some of these things are very useful, like getting a serial number quickly or going directly to the settings in System Preferences, especially for less experienced computer users. That’s not all, and OS X Daily has a large list of other questions you can ask.

Use Siri on Mac! Mac Siri Command List | OS X Daily


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