Manage Your Work Environment to Avoid Distractions

Your brain loves to jump from one task to the next when things go wrong. It’s easy to get distracted. If you don’t want to lose focus, take control of the context in which you are working. The fewer distractions the better.

As the advice site Barking Up the Wrong Tree explains, your brain is distracted by what’s nearby. An open Facebook tab, a talkative coworker, or whatever else is on your to-do list. You can try not to be distracted by simply exercising self-control, but better yet, remove these distractions from your workplace to begin with:

So when you need to work, put your phone across the room. Make distractions harder to reach.

When you have fewer things to respond to, or harder to respond to, you will be less responsive.

Your brain is wired to react to your surroundings, so it’s no surprise that those surroundings can distract you. However, if you are trying to do something and something in your workspace is interfering with it, either change the context around your workspace, or change the workspace itself.

Avoiding Distractions: 4 Secrets to Great Focus | Bark on the wrong tree


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