Lose It! Now Tracks Your Diet by Taking Food Photos

iOS / Android: If you’re looking to improve your nutrition, but don’t know where to start, the popular food tracking app Lose It! now allows you to take a snapshot of food or load an existing one into the food diary. Called Snap It !, this feature makes food tracking more accessible for newbies.

Tie him! works by using an extensive food database, combined with image recognition, to identify and break down the nutritional profile of a meal just eaten. It is hoped that it will simplify the very tedious process of manually entering foods and calories, but it is not ideal.

I had the opportunity to try out the beta, take pictures of my dim sum and my rice food, but that didn’t give me the correct results. (He thought my broccoli was ravioli.) However, Lose It! The rep told me that it can learn and improve the more I use it and add my photos as personalized meals. Obviously, this means you have to work hard first, but once more products are entered into the database that everyone uses, it will presumably get better and better.

However, the idea of ​​using images to make registering food easier is great. You can also take a photo and upload it later so you don’t dig into fuzzy memory and be optimistic about how much you actually eat. Photo evidence.

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