Roku Unveils All New HDR 4K TV Boxes

If you’re buying a TV today, you should have a 4K model on your list , preferably with HDR support – and today Roku unveiled two new set-top boxes that stream 4K and HDR videos straight to your TV, proving their point. …

Of all the products that have been leaked over and over again in recent months, only the Roku streaming stick remains. The new boxes replace the entire Roku lineup. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • The new Roku Express replaces the Roku 1 and is about 75% smaller and has twice the processing power. It can stream HD 1080p, but not 4K, and will set you back as little as $ 30. (If you need a version that supports composite, it will cost an extra $ 10. )
  • Roku Premiere replaces Roku 2, retails for $ 80, and supports 4K video at 60fps. It features a quad-core processor and comes with a standard Roku IR remote control.
  • The $ 100 Roku Premiere + replaces the Roku 3, retails for $ 100 and adds HDR support to its 4K capabilities at 60fps, as well as the Roku IR headphone jack we love so much. It also has an Ethernet port and a microSD card slot.
  • The Roku Ultra replaces the Roku 4, retails for $ 130 and has many of the same features as Premiere +, including 4K and HDR, but its remote includes more features like a find my remote option and A buttons / B is for the Often Forgotten Rooku Games. There is a USB port in the box that supports external hard drives, flash drives, or NAS devices that store movies and music.

All of the new boxes were officially announced today, but will ship in October, which means they are just in time for holiday shopping and you might be thinking about buying this new TV when prices are right. The boxes will all be widely available on the Roku site and on sites like Amazon (as well as regular electronics stores), but, oddly enough, Express will only be available at Walmart.

To find out more about each of them, use the links below.

Roku Products | via Roku Newsroom and The Verge


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