Lumoid Lets You Satisfy Your Love for Gadgets by Renting Them to Give Them a Try Before You Buy.

Gadgets can be expensive, so make sure they are really worth the price before buying. Lumoid is a service that lets you rent out cameras, audio equipment, fitness trackers, and other gadgets to make sure you really enjoy them before you do so.

When you’re looking for a new gadget, you usually do quite a bit of research, from reading reviews to watching product videos. However, sometimes you buy a product and realize that this is not exactly what you had in mind. As PC Mag points out, this is where try-before-you-buy rental services come in. They interviewed Aarti Ramamurthy, founder of Lumoid, who said that “for $ 20 or $ 30, customers can try out thousands of dollars for thousands of dollars.” worth the gadgets. “

Lumoid rents out a camera, fitness trackers, headphones, speakers and drones (although they only work in the US so far). You rent out the product that you are going to buy; if you like it, you buy it online and a new one will be sent to you. The best part: The price you pay for rent goes into your purchase price. Some items are priced individually, while others are part of their Home Fitting program, which allows you to choose three items and try them at the same time. They explain how it works:

a. Choose any 3 items, add them to your home fitting cart and tell us where to send them. There is a $ 35 fee for the trial, of which $ 25 will go towards the purchase of the wearable device.

b. We ship items to you via USPS and you have 1 week from the day you receive the items to try them out. Put on the items, download the corresponding apps and sync the data. Test them to see what works best for you.

c. Anytime within a 1-week period, return to and purchase the item you choose to buy. We will send you a new one of your choice.

d. Send back the box for home fitting using the reverse label inside the box. If you have not selected an item to purchase at the end of 1 week, we will charge a $ 35 in-house fitting fee. If you purchased the product within 1 week of home fitting or earlier, then there is no additional fee or commission.

They don’t seem to raise prices either. All the products I researched on the site were priced the same on Amazon. The only downside is that you have to pay for shipping when testing items. Fees depend on your location and what you order, but they explain that the base shipping cost for two photo or video products, for example, is $ 28 for most states. Unfortunately, they do not currently ship internationally , but they say they will expand if demand is high enough (you can contact them here ).

Check out the site yourself using the links below.

Lumoid via PC Mag


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