Make the Most Delicious Beer Cocktails With This Guide

Beer cocktails may seem like a way to add more alcohol to your alcohol, but with all the amazing, flavored beers currently available, you can make a drink with nuances that are delicious and dare I say gourmet.

The link below explains a very interesting story of how beer cocktails became the “thing”, but the main takeaway is a very helpful pairing guide that breaks down the best liqueur and beer pairings for your mixing pleasure:

  • IPA: They “offer boldness in all directions, with intense hop bitterness and aromatic citrus or herbal flavors” and are best paired with “bitters and aromatic alcohols such as pisco, amaro, mezcal, blanco tequila, orange or cherry liqueurs, and campari.” …
  • Stouts: Stouts are “deep, rich and malty,” “great with barrel-aged spirits that have their own toasted caramel side,” such as “rye whiskey, bourbon, aged rum, brandy, mezcal and amaro. … “
  • Wheat beer: These babies benefit from some citrus fruits and therefore play very well with spirits that also benefit from a sour bite, such as gin, blanco tequila, white rum, jenever , pisco, campari and orange liqueurs.

If you need even more mixing ideas, follow the link below to find all sorts of delicious recipes, and let me know if you need help testing the flavor.

A Quick Guide to Mixing Cocktails with Beer | Punch


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