This Calculator Shows How Much Money You Will Save by Quitting Smoking

You already know about all the health risks of smoking. Friends and family tried to persuade you to quit smoking. But you have not been able to break this habit. Perhaps this context will help renew your efforts: to see the huge amount of money you will save when you finally quit smoking .

There are two calculations you can make here: the column on the left shows how much money you spend per day, week, month, or year on your smoking habit alone. It is based on the number of cigarettes you currently smoke and your costs per packet. The right column shows the amount you expect to save by quitting smoking. The number you enter is your own forecast of “how long you will not smoke” in years or months.

Either way, the amount of money you are spending or saving is no small matter, but quitting smoking is still not easy. Here are some resources to help you with this:

  • Quit Smoking Community : An online community created to help you quit smoking with appropriate support and assistance.
  • QuitDay : a comprehensive resource containing the reasons to quit smoking, inspiration and tools to help you stay on course.
  • Recovery Schedule : It roughly shows what happens to your body, including cravings and the temptation to relapse when you quit smoking.
  • Self-help books, such as “instinct forces will ” Kelly McGonigal and ” Force of habit ,” Charles Duhigg, attacking the root of your deeply ingrained habits of smoking and gives tips on how you can change yourself.

If you want to support someone who is trying to quit smoking, we have written a tutorial on the best ways to help him or her get over it.

Stop Smoking & Save Money Calculator | Omni Calculator


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