Get an Awesome Midday Workout in Your Office Wheeled Chair

We’ve seen chair workouts before , but in them you just sit and step on a stationary chair. Coach Kaisa Keranen backs up this idea with a quick workout that uses the best part of your office chair: the wheels.

Kaisa starts with the knee pull-ups, which you usually do while leaning on an exercise ball. Here are her legs on a wheeled chair. She then makes a series of standing movements, swinging her leg over the back of the chair and ending with a lunge. This is followed by the jump squat and then the plank-style rolling. She ends the workout with split squats – a sort of lunge, placing her back foot on a wheelchair.

All of these movements are easy to do in a chair with wheels in the office, and don’t require any tweaking other than clearing out a small space, so try a few to cheer up if you’re having an afternoon recession.

Lunch break | Kaisa Keranen


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