What to Look for With a Personal Online Trainer

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of personal trainers who train people over the Internet. This is not (always) a scam. Many online trainers are qualified, expert virtual versions of real things that can help, and are often more affordable than personal trainers. Here’s how to find what you need.

Online Personal Trainers can give you results just like any personal trainer: they provide you with the training program and all the support you need to achieve the results you want. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Work with anyone: Train with anyone in the world, including the most famous and specialized trainers. The distance does not matter.
  • Keep your schedule flexible: You don’t have to juggle schedules and worry about canceling. Train and work with your coach in your spare time.
  • Get constant communication: Even if you can’t see or talk to them in person, digital technologies such as Skype, video, text, email and other forms of communication often make access to online personal trainers even more accessible.
  • Accountability: You might think that if you just never stick to a plan, your online personal trainer won’t get any wiser. But great online personal trainers are really good at empowering you to be self-sufficient. Plus, they have ways to get you to respond with weekly checks, spreadsheets with your measurements and numbers, and more.

The obvious disadvantages are that they may not physically be there to be in good shape and be more practical with you, but most require you to film your workout so they can still appreciate. You also compensate for this by being more open and outgoing, especially with regards to injuries or problems you have. This is why you need to find one that you can trust and are truly comfortable with. Online Personal Trainers are not for everyone, but they are helpful for people who need additional motivation and guidance.

Typically, their services are divided into many types of “packages” that can cost anywhere from $ 100 to $ 300, depending on the commitments and services they provide. Be sure to read what these packages entail and ask a lot of questions:

  • What access do you have to a personal trainer? In other words, how easy can you get to them?
  • How responsive are they?
  • How will they find the right training program for you?
  • How can they make you accountable for your goals?
  • What do the results of their current and previous clients look like? Their experience should be consistent with your goal.
  • How do they build trust with other customers?

Be wary of online personal trainers who give you brief coaching and meal plans or don’t respond. A good coach still needs to be a qualified professional who at least has certifications like ACE or NASM , has previous experience with clients personally, will assess you as a person, and tailor their programs and support to your needs and goals.


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