Polarr 3.0 Uses IOS 10 Facial Recognition to Reliably Retouch Photos Automatically

Polarr is an already popular photo editing app that offers the functionality of desktop photo editing kits, and this latest update uses new facial recognition algorithms to make retouching easier and faster than ever.

In fact, it uses the facial recognition API created by Apple for iOS 10 . This means the app can instantly recognize faces in your photos and then do things like whitening teeth, smoothing skin, adjusting tone, brightening eyes and lips, and more. It’s like having a little fashion photographer on your phone who appreciates your selfies and lends a helping hand. You don’t even need to select every face in the photo; it just automatically recognizes multiple faces.

All the other standard features of photo editing apps are of course there too, if you just want to tweak white balance or saturation. In fact, all of the editing options are surprisingly elaborate, and navigating the interface requires a little learning – if only because there are so many functions out there. Fortunately, Polarr includes a wide horizontal interface, so you can turn your phone to the side to zoom in on your editable photo and see what you’re doing. And it’s free. You’ll need iOS 10 to take advantage of the new facial features, but otherwise it will work in older versions as well.

Polarr 3.0 | iTunes Store via PetaPixel


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