Organic Gatorade Is Still Trash Sugar Water

Gatorade’s recently launched line of “organic” sports drinks is called G Organic. Reimagining the name aside, the now healthy sports drink boasts a shorter list of ingredients, including “organic cane sugar,” but is actually nothing more than glorified colored sugar water.

The point is, the organic label is n’t necessarily better for us, the farmers or the planet. PepsiCo, the parent company of Gatorade, hopes you don’t know this. They’re counting on the likelihood that your positive outlook on organic foods will lead you to believe that their sports drink is somehow better for you, so you ignore the downside of the label and the truth. In other words, they are using the “health halo”.

If you really check the label, you will notice that plain sugar and dextrose (also sugar) have been replaced with organic cane sugar. As The Atlantic notes, your body treats “organic” sugar the same way it treats any sugar – by releasing insulin to control blood sugar spikes. Each bottle contains a whopping 29 grams of sugar – less than a can of cola, but still far more empty calories than you want.

If you’re sweating a lot from hard or prolonged exercise , you could probably justify drinking Gatorade and similar sports drinks to some extent due to electrolytes, but even then there are better alternatives . Damn it, beer works too, if you like it. If not, moisturize yourself – oh, I don’t know – with water , the best thirst quencher.

The organic gatorad illusion | Atlantic Ocean


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