Google Drive Search Just Got Smarter

Google Drive makes finding your documents much easier and faster, unleashing the full power of the Google search engine. Now you can search for how you speak, correct spelling and more.

The Drive update, which begins rolling out today, includes Google Search natural language processing, which enables searches using natural phrases. For example, you might enter something like “find my budget spreadsheet for last December” instead of trying to remember what you called it. You can also narrow down your results with phrases such as “show me presentations from [the person]” so you can quickly find whatever they have shared with you. Drive now has an AutoCorrect feature that suggests search terms you might have gotten wrong. Other update features include a way to split documents into multiple columns in Docs so that Disk will now retain the original copy of any file you convert and edit in Docs, Sheets, or Slides.

What You Love About Google Search — Now For Drive | Google Drive Blog


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