Will It Be Sous Vide? Let’s Pick a Different Theme!

Hello sous vide fans, and welcome back to yet another session on theme selection for Will it Sous Vide? , a weekly column where you tell me what to cook with my Anova.

I’m going to narrow the focus again this week because there are a few interesting topics that continue to not quite make it to the top, star-criss-cross. So, this time I’m going to ask you to choose one of four very popular, but not popular enough, suggestions from last week’s comments. I repeat: we only choose from the four below, so count your vote!

Okay, then get down to voting, and if you have any special way to see how this was prepared – for example, if you have a great crayfish spice mix, or a certain meat / vegetable combination, would you like me to give it a try – be sure to leave this as well.


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