Register Now to Vote in US Elections If You Are Studying Abroad

There is a lot to do when preparing to study abroad , so registering to vote can easily slip out of your head. If you’re studying abroad this fall, here’s how you can register to vote in the upcoming November US presidential election.

The main thing you need to do is fill out an application for a federal postal cards (FPCA), so you have registered to vote. You can fill out the PDF version or get a hard copy from your nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. You will need some information:

  • Your last US address.
  • Your social security or driver’s license number.
  • Your current mailing address (if you choose to receive a paper newsletter).

You should review your state’s absentee ballot requirements , which you can find at , if your state has additional guidelines that you must follow . You can choose between sending the absentee ballot by email, fax or post, and you can also send it in one of these ways.

How to vote abroad | WSA Europe


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