White Noise + Creates a Customizable Mix of Sleep Sounds

iPhone: You have a surprisingly long list of great ambient noise management apps for iPhone , but if you’re looking for an app that provides an almost endless variety of options, White Noise + is worth a look.

White Noise + is the creation of customizable sound effects. In this case, there are 80 sounds that you can place on a 4×4 grid. Each part of the mesh affects the sound differently, making it softer, harder, louder or easier. The end result is a system where you can create an insane amount of background mixes. However, there are many gifts out there if you don’t want to make your own. The app also comes with the basic utilities you’ll need, including an alarm and sleep timer, iOS 10 widgets for fast playback, and access to Airplay if you want to send audio to your speakers. You can check out several sounds in the ad-supported version for free, or unlock all for $ 2.99.

An app like Noisli is probably still best for those who prefer simplicity, but the intense amount of tweaks in White Noise + is worth checking out if you’ve ever really wanted to create your own ambient noise.

White Noise + (Free / $ 2.99) | ITunes App Store


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