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IOS 10 released this week, Apple’s latest update to their mobile operating system. While we’re exploring all the new features (and stickers), it was gadget week as we also discussed the merits of cheap 4K TVs, how to get the most out of your GoPro camera, compare DIY electronic boards, and more.

All new iOS 10 features in two minutes

iOS 10 is here with a brand new lock screen, a completely different way to unlock your phone, a fancy new message app, and more. Let’s take a quick look at all the new items.

How to fix iOS 10’s biggest annoyances

With every launch of a new operating system, there are several quirks and annoyances. iOS 10 is no different, but luckily, most of these quirks are fairly easy to fix.

Top 10 Secret iOS 10 Features

iOS 10 is packed with new features , but the best ones are often hidden under the hood . Here are some of our favorite little-known new features that Apple doesn’t advertise and would otherwise have to dig to find.

How to figure out the new iOS 10 lock screen

The first thing you’ll notice when you download iOS 10 is the new quirky lock screen. It looks different, and you might be a little shocked to see that the familiar “Slide to Unlock” is gone. There are many other settings. Don’t worry, most of these changes are for the better.

How to master the New Messages app in iOS 10

The biggest change in iOS 10 is the Messages app, which is suddenly a lot more playful with animations, stickers, and more. Here’s how to get the most out of it.

How to get the most out of the new photos app in iOS 10

One of the relatively subtle new features in iOS 10 is the smarter Photos app, which makes organizing your photos easier. It usually succeeds, but some of its best features are not obvious or obvious to use. Let’s see how to use the new features.

How far can you travel with an empty car, in one table

Sure, you never let your tank sink so low that a little light comes on, warning you that you really, really need to refuel, but if you’ve done so, this chart shows exactly how much more you can expect from what’s left. in the tank.

It’s time to buy a 4K TV

4K TVs have come a long way. Previously, they were expensive, there was nothing to look at, and it was better to buy less than 1080p. This is no longer the case: there is a lot to see, the new 4K panels are packed with features and they are now affordable for everyone. If you’ve been waiting, you can now safely begin your search.

Disassembling Available Electronics Boards: Raspberry Pi Zero vs CHIP

DIY electronics boards are becoming cheaper and cheaper. Since the launch of the Raspberry Pi, the hugely popular portable travel computer, countless new boards have emerged. However, some are cheaper and shallower than the $ 5 Raspberry Pi zero and the $ 9 CHIP. Let’s see how they compare.

What to do if your home is invaded by mice

Mice may look cute and fluffy, but their presence really means stress, chewed furniture, and fire hazard because they can chew through electrical wiring in your walls. What’s the worst part? They shit and piss on all your stuff. Yes, it’s disgusting. Not to mention the fact that rodents in general are the harbingers of many diseases. They are also very smart, resourceful, and difficult to get rid of.

How to get more from GoPro

GoPro is your favorite action camera and it’s easy to see why. It’s versatile, powerful and durable. However, you’ll probably get past novelty pretty quickly – cycling or snorkeling. Don’t waste that $ 500 – there are tons of other creative ways to get even more out of GoPro.

How to choose a bank or credit union you can trust

You may have met someone who says they don’t trust banks and stuff their money under the mattress. You write off them and continue to use your debit cards and checking accounts. Then something like Wells Fargo happens , and suddenly hiding your money doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

10 Best DIY Photo Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Whether you love shooting with your DSLR, smartphone, or whatever, now is a great time to get the perfect shot. If you need accessories, some kind of lighting, a studio, or other tools to help you with that, here are some great projects that take a little time, energy, and some DIY spirit.

Pokémon Go update blocks root users, here’s how to play it anyway

Android: Pokémon Go released an update over the weekend that lets you make one Pokémon your friend . Careful! It also discreetly blocks the game from anyone with root access. Not so neat. Here’s how to get around this limitation and still play.

How to survive when attacked by a mountain lion

Mountain lions – also known as cougars, pumas, catamunts, or Florida panthers – have razor-sharp claws, can weigh over 200 pounds, and can run at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. These are not ordinary kittens living in the neighborhood. Here’s what you should do if you encounter it in the wild.

The wide and delicious world of pancakes and how to make them

In terms of morning comfort, nothing goes with pancakes. It is literally a food blanket with the inscription: “Come here, my child, and let me wrap you in my warm, solid body.” You’re safe now. Almost every culture seems to have its own version of the breakfast staple, and we’ve rounded up some of the tastiest ways to eat them, whether you call them pancakes, pancakes, or pancakes.

How to survive a dog attack

There are about 4.5 million dog bites in the United States every year , according to the CDC . Almost one in five of these bites become infected (about 900,000), andbetween 1999 and 2007, dogs were responsible for 250 deaths. Poisonous insects aside, man’s best friend is one of the deadliest animals in the United States.


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