How to Set up Your Lawnmower in Five Steps

Lawn mowers, like any machine powered by an internal combustion engine, require constant maintenance to ensure smooth operation. Here are five things you should check to get your lawnmower set up.

In this video from This Old House, Roger Cook shows us how to keep our lawn mower running. If you’re familiar with engines, you’ve probably done most of this before, but I personally need guidance. First of all, you should check the oil level (ideally before each use) and change it if it is dirty. Then you should check the air filter, as a dirty, clogged filter will only make the engine run harder and less efficiently. Next comes the spark plug; Cook suggests changing it “every season” (that is, several times a year).

Of course, you also need to make sure the blade is not too dull and sharpen it if necessary.

What I didn’t know is that old gasoline can dry out and you should only buy a small amount (say, a month) at a time. Otherwise, the aging ethanol in the gas can damage the engine. You can add a fuel stabilizer to extend gas life and prevent engine damage. Check out these five items and then all you need is a lawn.

How to set up a lawn mower. This old house


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