Top Layer of Plain Yogurt With Grilled Vegetables for a Healthy and Filling Snack

Adding sweet, crunchy things like muesli to your morning yogurt is nothing new, but if you want a healthy, high-fiber, high-protein, hearty snack or light lunch, try adding fried vegetables to it.

This is just one of twelve yogurt fillings compiled by The Kitchn – click on the link below to see the rest – but I think it might just be my favorite. Obviously, this savory filling is best used for plain yogurt. Yoplait strawberries will definitely not work and I would go with the full fat variety. Thick and tangy Greek yogurt makes a nice contrast to fried carrots and zucchini with garlic, or if you want to really fantasize, you can switch to labneh, an amazing yogurt and cheese hybrid that is just made for such savory applications. (Extra points if you drizzle a little good olive oil on top and drizzle with zaatar.)

12 One-way Ways to Liven Up Plain Yogurt | Kitchen


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