Pandora Adds Offline Play for Plus Subscribers, Improves Free Service

Pandora users have tons of new goodies today. If you use the paid service for $ 5 a month, you can now listen to music offline with unlimited skips and repeats. Free users can also trade in watching video ads for more skips and replays.

Offline playback works using a prediction engine that saves your radio station with a fingerprint , as well as the last three stations you listened to. If you lose signal, Pandora will revert to one of these stations stored on your device. The prediction engine will try to guess which of these stations most closely matches what you listened to the last time, so as not to disturb your rhythm too much.

The new Pandora Plus (formerly Pandora One) still retains all the old features, including no ads and better streaming. If you are already a subscriber, you will upgrade to the new Plus plans in the next few months without any changes to your account.

Free users also do not go unnoticed. You will now be able to watch your video ad in exchange for more skips and replays. This new feature should be available to everyone today.

Pandora Launches Pandora Plus, An Enhanced $ 5 Subscription Service | Facets


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