Vectr – Free Cross-Platform Online Graphics Editor

Vectr is a new free graphics editor that you can use on your desktop or web browser to create simple, straightforward vector graphics.

If you’ve ever used just about any photo or illustration editing software, you are already familiar with the simple interface. Note that vectors are different from pixels; they are more like polygons in a video game and are infinitely scalable. This makes them ideal for developing web and application layouts, logos, fonts and other non-hand-drawn illustrations.

It’s nicely intuitive. High-end vector graphics editors like Adobe Illustrator have a daunting learning curve, but Vectr keeps things that way so they can be easily understood without the use of utilities. (If you are a professional designer, Vectr is probably a little too disassembled, but for ordinary people the possibilities are more than enough to get you started.) You can save all your work online, share your work with others, and you can export to PNG, JPG or SVG …

The software has been in development for two years and has just come out of beta testing . Desktop versions are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebooks and are functionally identical to their web counterparts. It’s a pretty useful tool for most people who don’t really need all the features of professional design software.



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