Make “snack Bags” on Sundays so That Healthy Snacks Are on Hand Throughout the Week.

If you spend a little time on Sunday to prepare meals for a week, it will simplify the weekdays, but think about how to prepare both parties healthy snacks. You will avoid the temptation to eat chips or sweets, and you will always have a “snack set” of healthy snacks when hunger strikes.

What’s more, packaging for bulk snacks that keep well for a week makes them easy to grab and take with you whenever you need them. Energy snacks , homemade muesli bars, chopped vegetables or carrots with sauce, or a mixture of nuts and trail are all good options. High protein snacks or whole grains like peanut butter, yogurt, or cheese will help you stay full. Whatever you cook, do as much as possible, such as chopping vegetables or portioning gravy or nuts so you can grab a couple of snacks, toss them in your lunch, and walk out the door.

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