Learn to Breathe Better While Swimming With These Tips for Beginners

Breathing is so easy on land that we don’t think about it, but in water we need to coordinate our entire body to breathe air. This video will help you fix some of the ways you can make this task more difficult than it should be.

A breakdown intended for beginner swimmers, but useful for anyone who thinks their freestyle breathing is imperfect, gives you four tips:

  • Keep your goggles in the water as you turn to breathe . This way, you can be sure that you are only turning your head, without hurting your hips and legs.
  • As you lift your face out of the water, look diagonally backward . If you consider looking away instead, you will likely raise your head, which will adversely affect your body position in the water.
  • Exhale. Holding your breath is a beginner’s mistake that makes swimming difficult.
  • In particular, exhale through your nose. That way, when you come up to get some air, it’s easier to breathe through your mouth.

Watch the video to learn more and see these tips in action.

Freestyle Breathing Mistakes | SWIMMER Magazine


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