Exchange Your Tokens for Chicharronas for the Next Level Nacho

Chicharron, or pork skin, is delicious. The nachos are delicious too. Combine the two and you have a cheesy crunchy snack that has nothing to do with this world.

It’s a simple exchange and I’m surprised I don’t see it anymore. Crispy, plump, salty roasted pork skins are perfect for your regular nacho fillings, but Chef Jonathan Beres of The Eddy in Rhode Island takes snacks to the next level by coating pork skins with cheese powder (which keeps everyone from getting wet. under a pile of melted cheese), good guac, pico, cilantro and radish. Of course, as Bon Appetit points out in the link below, you don’t have to stick to this exact composition. Just grab a Chicharron bag (or make your own) and go crazy with your favorite nacho fillings. Take part in a soccer-focused activity or eat them alone in the dark without distraction.

Chicharrones Nachos are real, this is not an exercise | Bon appetit


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