These Slow Cooker Lunch Sets Will Make Your Morning Tough

Breakfast cooked in multivarka – is quite simplistic thing, but creating sets for breakfast multivarka making a morning meal even easier.

This idea from The Kitchn is an improvement on an already excellent practice. By putting a bunch of breakfast ingredients in your slow cooker and letting them cook overnight, you can feed your family (and yourself) a hot and delicious breakfast without having to prepare a drop before coffee. Take it a step further and make a bunch of breakfast sets without having to think about your morning meal all week.

Click the link below to see The Kitchn’s terrific recipe, but this method can be applied to any multicooker breakfast casserole you love. The key is to simply portion the individual casserole ingredients into freezer bags, squeezing the air out of them while you close them so they lie flat. Freeze them all on a baking sheet, then place the frozen ingredients in a gallon-sized bag, affix a cooking instruction label, and place them back in the freezer until ready to cook. You can make several such sets at once, that is, you only need to wash the dishes once, which should brighten up your morning and evening.

How to make multicooker breakfast casserole sets


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