House Passing Bill Barring Companies From Suing for Negative Reviews

Yesterday afternoon, the US House of Representatives passed legislation prohibiting companies from including “clauses” in their contracts that block or punish customers for posting negative reviews online. It is expected to pass through the Senate soon.

The bill is in response to several lawsuits recently filed by companies trying to punish their customers who speak badly about them online. For example, once sued a customer for $ 3,500 for writing negative online reviews .

Now that the bill has been passed by the House of Representatives, it goes to the Senate. Fortunately, the Senate already passed a version of the same bill last year , so all that is left is to work out the details to combine the two versions (because laws are weird) and then send it to the president for signing. As we mentioned earlier, if you want to comply with a certain law or see how your representatives vote on it, you can use 4US to track it .

House passes bill to ban “gag clauses” that try to punish customers for writing negative reviews | Consumer


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