These Three Simple Exercises Will Improve Your Posture and Help You Avoid Slouching at the Computer.

If you work on a computer, good posture is important, but difficult to remember during the day. These three quick exercises can help relieve some of the effects of long hours of sitting at the computer.

There is no shortage of exercises you can do to improve your posture and stretch your neck and back, but these three from Outside Magazine will also help you move and get out of your chair.

  • Roll : Lie on your stomach with your hands over your head. Raise your right arm to the side and then up, using a weight to help you roll over once or twice. Then roll back with your left hand. Focus on pulling up with the weight of your arm rather than pushing off the ground.
  • Rock : Get on all fours and gently rock back and forth, pushing your hips towards your feet, then rock slowly forward. In this position, you can also nod your head by tucking your chin against your chest and lifting it up. This will relax the muscles in your neck and upper back.
  • Crawling : on all fours, crawl a few steps forward and then back. You can exaggerate the movement of the hip towards the ground as much as it is comfortable for you to stretch your hips. You can look around while crawling backwards to stretch your neck.

As you do these exercises, keep your head and shoulders straight and your hips as low as possible. For a visual demonstration, watch the video above.

You slouch. Stand straight for 5 minutes. | External magazine (YouTube)


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