Deep Conditioning of Hair With Coconut Oil

Coconut can be overestimated as a universal miracle and cure for all diseases, but there are a few things it does very well. One, according to the beauty chemist, is to condition the hair as well as, perhaps, better than “deep conditioning” treatments.

Cosmetic chemist Randy Schueler told The Verge that the conditioner is designed to smooth the overlapping layers of protein in each hair. Deep conditioning treatments are simply a thicker version of the conditioner that comes with instructions for applying it to your hair for a longer duration, say 30 minutes.

But he notes that coconut oil is one of the few things with the right size and chemical properties that flattens the cuticle and repels water so it can’t ruffle again. Follow the link below to learn more about the beauty secrets that hair product companies are trying to keep quiet.

True lies and hair products | Facets

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