Celebrate 10 Years of ITunes Movies Today With 10 Movie Sets for Just $ 10

Apple celebrates the launch of iTunes Movies 10 years ago. In honor of the momentous occasion, they are offering six different sets of 10 films from major Hollywood studios for just $ 10 each.

Choose from movie packs from Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Paramount, Sony, and two sets from Lionsgate. The Warner Bros. you’ll find films like Pacific Rim , Edge of Tomorrow, and The Hangover . The Universal Studios set includes films such as Inside Man , The Adjustment Bureau, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall . The Paramount package includes The Wolf of Wall Street , Tropic Thunder and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot . Captain Phillips , Easy A and The Social Network are available for Sony. Lionsgate’s offerings include “ Now You See Me ,” “ No Country for Old Men , ” “The Hunger Games,” and “Cabin in the Woods . You can check it all out at the link below. But hurry up – these offers are only available today.

10 Years of iTunes Movie | iTunes via The Verge


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