Why You Should Never Apologize to Guests

By inviting people into your homes, you can easily see everything with a super-critical eye. It’s natural to want to apologize for perceived shortcomings, but the word “sorry” should never leave your lips.

As Jennifer Hunter of Apartment Therapy points out, your home is yours and apologies for the temperature, decorative pillows, or a dog distract your guests from all the amazing things that make it unique to you. She said:

Sorry about the mess. Sorry it’s so hot in here. “Unfortunately, we ran out of milk.” Sounds familiar?

Listen, your home belongs to you, and you can do whatever you want. Not only is there no need to apologize for the state of your space, but also to make people notice exactly what you just pointed out!

Imagine this is your first time entering a friend’s house, and when you start to admire her impeccable wall color or her huge closet, she says, “Sorry about all the dishes in the sink.” What are you going to look at soon? These dirty dishes!

At the end of the day, your friends and family are most likely thrilled that you invited them into your home and they don’t give a damn about a few dirty plates or a laundry basket, even if it makes you feel likeGail Waters-Waters .

Never (Never!) Say That Word to Guests in Your Home | Apartment therapy


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