Why Tilting Your Glass Is the Best Way to Pour Beer

Most of us have learned from our own bitter experience that there is a certain technique that allows you to pour beer so that it does not overflow and does not spoil everything. You should strategically tilt the glass while pouring to prevent massive build-up of foam. Why? Because beer chemistry.

Foam is due to all the carbon dioxide in the beer bottle or can. As SciShow explains, when you open a beer, this pleasant sound kychuka indicates , that the carbon dioxide has disappeared, but most of it all is still inside the banks. During a waterfall of beer, tilting the glass helps to avoid pockets of air, called nucleation sites , that will help escape the rest of the carbon dioxide. When the escaping gas combines with the proteins in the beer grains, you create bubbling foam, also known as foam.

Each has its own ratio of beer to head. Watch the rest of the video to find out how best to pour your perfect beer (which also works for champagne).

What’s the best way to serve beer? | SciShow


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