Quick-Ripening Bananas for Baking With Egg Yolk

If your baking recipe calls for ripe bananas and all you have is a few nearly green ones, a few egg yolks can save the day.

Whether you love making banana bread, pancakes or muffins, Stella Sparks at Serious Eats has a trick you have to keep up your sleeve: Bananas ripen quickly from raw egg yolks. The enzyme amylase, found in egg yolks, converts the starch in unripe bananas into a combination of maltose and glucose or liquid sugar. This will ripen the banana in about 30 minutes, making it softer and sweeter. So the next time you need to ripen a few bananas quickly, mash them along with the amount of eggs indicated in the recipe and wait at least half an hour. This trick will not work for you if you just want a banana snack or smoothie, but there are other methods you can try in these situations.

Quick Ripe Bananas for Enzyme Baking | Serious food


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