Finally Achieve Work-Life Balance With the Rule of Four

Maintaining a balance between different parts of your life, from work to hobbies and family and friends, can be energy intensive. Simplify your life by using the Rule of Four to focus on what really matters to you.

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep your job from leaving on your own time, especially if you have a bossy boss. Chelsea Fagan, writing for The Financial Diet , explains how she maintains a balance between her work and personal life.

For me, I created the Rule of Four to make sure that I am constantly diversified and balanced in this regard, and always ready to say no to additional work if it means imbalance. The Rule of Four is simple – I should always have four concrete, tangible things in my life that make me feel happy, that make me feel like myself, that I spend time and energy, and that I actively design.

For example, you can choose work, exercise, family, and hobbies that you are passionate about as your main activity. You don’t need to limit your rule to four things, just stick to the idea that by limiting the number of things you put your time and energy into, you end up getting more things you love and don’t switch yourself to work. , favors and projects for other people.

The Rule of Four That Keeps Me Concentrated, Productive, and Successful | Financial diet


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