Remove Rust Stains on Knives With Vinegar

The knife is the most important tool in the kitchen. But over time, these annoying red rust stains appear on them, either from regular use or perhaps because they haven’t completely dried from a previous wash. The best way to clean them is to leave the knife in the vinegar mug for five minutes.

The knife must be properly looked after. If left wet, it will develop rust stains that will not come off no matter how much you rub. We previously suggested dipping it in lime juice, but god who gets a mug of lime juice?

Vinegar is easier to find in large quantities. It’s great for cleaning other items too , so get a large bottle if needed. Pour it into a mug or glass tall enough to submerge the knife. Rust stains are often found closer to the handle, so measure the mug with a knife before pouring.

After leaving the knife for five minutes, remove it and clean it thoroughly. This time, rust stains will appear when you rub.

Tips: Removing Rust Stains from Knives | Chef One Pot


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